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About us

Experience in accounting, tax and legal issues, office based in Athens Greece, supports and provides integrated solutions to companies and individuals.

Our Story

The companywasfounded in 2013 aftermanyyears of experience in business and financialinstitutions. Alltheseyears, based on the quality and reliability of servicealongwithourpartners, westrivetoofferreliablesolutions for customers of allsizesenterprise.

Objectives & Tasks

The ever-changingtaxcomplexity, requiresconstant and reliableinformation. Ourparticipation in conferences, seminars and the dailymonitoring of taxlegislation, giveus the abilitytorespondsuccessfullyto the growingdemands.


Our services

We are close to our customers, to everyday issues accounting and tax framework affecting them.

For Business

We support responsibly every kind of business, providing comprehensive services for prompt resolution and processing of accounting, tax and economic issues. We work with a view to meet your customized requirements, actively contributing to the efficiency and growth of your business.

For Individuals

Our years’ experience and the constant update on the changing accounting and tax environment, allows us to provide our services, consistently & efficiently to the individual’s needs.



We organize, maintain and supervise the accounting department at the headquarters of your company. Also we canprovide consulting services for the smooth functioning of your business and provide customized financial plan aimed at the consolidation of past unsettled economic obligations.

  • Computerized book keeping of all categories
  • Creation, conversions, mergers, absorptions, acquisitions of a company
  • Direct support to regular and random checks
  • Subordination and monitoring arrangements (Tax and Social Security Funds )
  • Fulfilling bureaucratic operations and transactions with the Public Revenue Office (PRO)
  • Budgeting and financial reporting
  • Control costs and their tax efficiency

Tax Consultancy

We ensure the timely settlement of your tax liabilities in accordance with the applicable time limits and regulations. Oure xperience is a guarantee for direct and responsible resolution of specific tax issues related to your business activity.

  • Tax planning and strategy
  • Preparation of Τax audits
  • Optimizing tax efficiency
  • Internal tax audit for finding potential discrepancies
  • Preparation and submission of all tax forms
  • Advice on tax bands
  • Capital Tax forms (Large Property Taxetc).

Financial Data

Balance Sheet 2013 – 2014


Financial Statements 2015


Financial Statements 2016